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Since 1997 I&C organise meetings, communications events, education courses and conventions through a combination of creativity and innovation.

I&C is a company with thirty years of experience that designs and produces conference, training and communication events of all kinds, both nationally and internationally. It operates as a CME Provider since 2011.

Our goal is to interpret the needs of the customer by putting in place behaviors, attitudes, personal sensitivities and business standards that allow us to respond promptly and positively to market input and create successful events. On this basis, we have built trusting and long-lasting relationships with many of our clients.


  1. Management and coordination of event venues and hotel(s)
  2. Management and development of the event budget
  3. Negotiation and management of sponsorships and exhibitors
  4. Coordination of speakers
  5. Abstract processing and management
  6. Registration management and on-site supervision
  7. Marketing and promotion
  8. Development of the event website
  9. Transportation and logistics management
  10. Social programs and pre/post event tours and escorts
  11. Other: digitization, innovation and technologies applied in every phase of the event; participant engagement increased through multimedia activities, DEM services and massive SMS.



Via Andrea Costa 202/6
40134 Bologna

+39 051 6144004



Nome: Annamaria

Last name: Tinarelli

Phone number: +39 051 614 4004

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